It's okay to be little Diddy

Having already gotten the K'Nex blind bagged Mario Kart Wii Donkey Kong (which you could win - details here) and King Koopa (aka Bowser) I decided I wanted to return and search for the little monkey Diddy Kong.


Fortunately for me I discovered a code break for these figures too, so I was easily able to home in on little Diddy.

Diddy is pretty cute; not much fun to use as a driver in Mario Kart but cute as a minifigure.

And even though these K'Nex guys are heftier than Lego minifigures, Diddy seems pretty small, especially next to the powerhouse King Koopa!

I hope this blind bag line continues for a long time and we get other Mario Kart staples such as Daisy and Princess Peach! In the meantime I am not sure if I want Mario, Luigi, Toad or Yoshi, but maybe someday I'll break.

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