Best of the Brave and the Bold

With the recent release of Target's exclusive Brave and the Bold inspired New 52 Justice League action figures, I've been reminiscing about the original Brave and the Bold action figure line and some of it's great stand-out figures. While the line was Batman-centric of course, I tend to gravitate towards the oddball character in this and other lines that dare to push the boundaries when it comes to enrollment. Here are four personal favorites:

B'wana Beast. This guy is great for so many reasons, not the least of which being the fact that women tend to gravitate towards this figure whenever he's around. Seriously, pile a bunch of action figures on your table, invite a girl over, and see where her attention goes. It'll be straight at the guy in the loin cloth. It happened with my wife when I set these and other toys out to photograph, and it'll happen for you. B'Wana Beast: Chick Magnet.

I used to own the JLU B'wana Beast but sold him to someone far more into the JLU action figure series than I. Also, I like this version better, due in large part to his characterization on the Brave and the Bold cartoon. That snaggletooth helps too. I found this B'Wana Beast on the shelves way back in 2010.

I also found Gorilla Grodd in 2010, but this one was at the flea market. I just love his massive stature. Bonus: no hex holes! Grodd has been available in a couple sets, and I still see him on shelves with a Superman and Batman packed in to this day. I own the JLU Grodd as well, and have no plans of letting loose of him any time soon!

Plastic Man is just awesome, always. I've had this one since 2009. He was a birthday gift from my sister. The hex holes make a little more sense for this guy, since he can change his body's shape at will.More Plastic Man themed accessories would have been nice though, as it is he only came with a massive hand (not shown here.) Then again, getting a bunch of Brave and the Bold accessories and painting them Plastic Man colors would make for a pretty epic custom! Those red and flesh toned pieces could be placed all over Plas, like he's morphing into all sorts of nifty things! If I ever find random B and the B accessories, I'm picking them up and doing just that!

I also hadn't realized until this shoot that Plas does not have a hex hole in his back. Probably because of his neck's extendo-action-feature, which is pretty cool and reminiscent of his Super Powers action figure, which I I do not own, nor do I own the JLU Plastic Man action figure for that matter.

Last but certainly not alive, this big baddy is Solomon Grundy. I obtained Grundy in early 2010, and although I simply HAD to open him up because he looks so COOL I really loved the fact that on card it called him 'Zombie Hitman Solomon Grundy.'

Best. Toy. Name. Ever.

Wish I had nabbed an extra to keep carded, but at least I took pictures!

I also do not own a JLU Solomon Grundy, because for some idiotic reason he was a con exclusive. I also do not own a DCUC Solomon Grundy because I couldn't find Nightwing at retail, so I never completed his C and C.


Oh well, this Zombie Hitman Brave and the Bold version is tops and one of my favorite action figures of all time. Such a dapper dead man, with a tommy-gun to boot!

While we're damning Mattel, let's look at some proposed Brave and the Bold figures that never happened (but should have!)

The Faceless Hunter! This guy would have made a fun action figure. Although I would have made sure B'Wana came out on top, unlike their cartoon encounter!
Flash made it to retail - barely. Who knows how many made it out to a handful of Mattel stores, but he doesn't show up on the aftermarket very often (if ever). He also had scalloped gloves like Batman for some reason (which may be why the figure was scrapped?) Anyways, an updated Flash is finally seeing release now as part of Target's new line - sans hex holes, roller blades, and scalloped gloves, but with all those extra Jim Lee lines all over his costume. You can't win 'em all.

And finally, Gentleman Ghost! This figure was one I was really anticipating. He would have been cast in clear plastic for the most part, and would have had a ghostly head too! What a shame he never made it to retail.

There were also a couple figures I missed that I regret not buying and may chase after someday, including Joker, Sportsmaster, Green Arrow and the hard to find later released Riddler. Hopefully some of these pop up at the flea market for cheap!

But enough living in the past - for a great close-up look at the brand new single figures being sold at Target right now (sans hex holes) head on over to Super-Duper Toy Box: He has Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash!


  1. Love this toy line -found some more on eBay recently. STILL buying them :D

  2. Grundy and Grodd for the win here and it could of been a "Terrible Trio" if we had gotten the Ghost dang it!