Happy MOTU Day!

Apparently today, April 28th, is MOTU day. Why? I don't know, perhaps I should look around the 'net and find out. But I've been so busy lately! In fact, I have been so busy my planned 'MOTU Day' post never happened, and I'm pulling an '80's sitcom' over here and doing a flashback episode.

Lame I know, but hey, if you never saw these posts, they're new to you!

So follow the links, look at the pictures, and enjoy the last couple of hours of MOTU Day!

Extendar, Master of reaching stuff off the top shelf!

Horde Trooper - he's sooper dooooper!

Hey laaadiiiieeeees!!!

And of course the slice-du-resistance...I once owned a Wonder-Bread He-Man! But I don't any more. Waaaah!

Check out the rest of today's MOTU Day blog participants...

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...and tune in soon for actual new content. Yay!

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