Imaginext Robin...and friend!

This Imaginext Robin was recently released with the latest incarnation Imaginext Batcave. I already have one Robin with this sculpt, which was released in Tim Drake red and black with the Toys R Us exclusive Robin Mech Suit. This Robin is most likely meant to be Tim Drake too, but since I already have Tim (and Dick as Nightwing) I will consider this Robin to be Jason Todd.

The bat originally came with the Gorilla Mountain jungle set I do believe, but we didn't already have him so I couldn't pass up the chance to add him to my Imaginext Batman stuff.

I'll never shut up about how much I hate the 'no capes' rule Imaginext has for their Robins. But this is a beautiful sculpt. The more traditional colors here don't do it as much justice as the black/red version, but they still look great.

The bat is just plain cute. I love him!

'Cape envy!'

I did mention this was Jason Todd, right?

Joker is wielding a crowbar that came with a Playmobil Fi?ures series 8 burgler. Man I love Playmobil accessories! Jason Todd doesn't agree.


  1. I've been re-reading my copy of The Killing Joke since Mark Hamill is returning to voice the Joker for the animated film. After reading this post I need to take another look at A Death in the Family as well. What gives with no caped Robin's? I think someone needs to make a call.

    1. I'm not sure I'm 'ok' with Killing Joke becoming an animated movie. I just can't see it translating properly. As for capeless Robins, Imaginext does have a New52 Red Robin coming soon with a cape, so someone got the memo.