Half Shell Heroes Kraang

The more of these Half-Shell Heroes I get my hands on, the more I like them. Well, the villains, anyways. Ironically I don't have any of the Turtle brothers (besides a helmeted Raph but he doesn't count because he's not the 'standard' Raph). The Turtles themselves just come across as cheap and plain. But many of the villains are nice little designs with good sculpts, and this android Kraang is no exception. I like that he's holding a canister of mutagen (albeit he's PERMANENTLY holding it) and the limited paint apps actually work fine for this guy who's nothing more than a pink wad of bubblegum in a silver robot's belly.

I picked up Kraang from the flea market, but he was originally released in a two-pack with Leatherhead (who I have via a recent garage sale find.)

Other Half Shell Heroes in my collection:
Baxter Stockman
Casey Jones, Helmeted Raph and Stealth Cycle


  1. Surprised you're finding these newer toys on such frequency. I'm impressed! You're a king of treasuring seeking.